Teaching Kids To Be Responsible 

The youth today is entirely different from yesterday, do you agree? Notice how busy they get with their phones chatting, playing games, and watching videos. Do they still have time to be responsible? If they do not have anything else to do than tapping their gadgets, then no, they do not have time to practice discipline anymore. 


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Why Do Parents Tolerate Their Kids To Be Lazy? 


Unintentionally, parents nowadays are teaching their kids to be lazy. Because of this now busy world where both parents have to thrive to give their kids a comfortable life, they lose the chance to spend time with them. But Francyne Zeltser, Psy.D. insists that “what’s more important than the quantity of time you spend with your kids is the quality of the time you do have together.”


We all know that time is a vital part of any relationship. Without it, there is no chance for people to grow together. If we think about it, our life is all about time. It is made up of a series of moments we chose to make. Sadly parents have to prefer work. It makes them guilty at times, especially when they start to feel clueless about their kids. So what do they do? 


Parents buy them gadgets and devices which are very entertaining. They get to play, meet new people, and more. In return, they lack the will and interest to do other things because they are enjoying their gadgets. Doing chores, reading books, talking with parents are such a burden because they know they have a more worthwhile thing to do. “limit screen time for younger teens; show interest in them, their ideas, opinions, dreams; engage teens in conversations about choices, relationships, and future plans; and provide opportunities for them to explore their own point of view through conversation without judgment.” Sandi Lindgren PCC, LICSW suggests. 


Kids nowadays don’t know what it’s like to wash their clothes, mop the floor, or even empty the trash. Parents volunteer to do everything because they feel like their kids need more fun to make for the time they couldn’t spend with them. So instead of letting the kids do the chores, parents allow them to stay in bed or the living room to play with their phones. 


What Are The Things Parents Can Do To Teach Their Kids Responsibility? 


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  • After school, prepare a card for each kid which contains a list of all the things they need to do, so moms wouldn’t have to nag around to make sure they are all done. Believe it or not, sometimes, mom’s voice is so annoying that kids avoid them. Implementing discipline could be tough, but it is better than to raise brats. 


  • Instruct them not to use their gadgets until all the chores are done, or even after cleaning their room. You have to make them understand the importance of cleanliness and how it can affect the health. Maybe you can cite examples of the consequences if the house is untidy like acquiring diseases. 


  • Praise them when they show initiative, and never let good deeds go unnoticed. This way, the kids will understand the importance of their actions and that they can help in the household as well. Remember that any person always thrives on doing better when they are appreciated. 



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“All of your child’s problems can be worked through with humor, goodwill, and perseverance. With proper parental support, even the most troublesome teens can become amazing people.”  Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., LMFT explains. It is essential that parents start their kids young. They should learn the value of hard work, responsibility, and independence, so they would not have a hard time when they are already adults. As much as possible let them realize that it is for their sake. As parents, we must teach them good values early on than to allow life to show them the hard way when they are older. 

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