Interactive Sessions Of The 2014 Albany Parenting Workshop

December 26, 2018 0 By sayyes96

The interactive sessions of the 2014 Albany Parenting Workshop present information about the most talked about issues in parenthood and how to handle it. The workshop aims to help families adapt to the modern world by securing an education, wellness, and social awareness.


The discussion starts with the learning of the best strength of the family and understands why it is vital for self and community development. It focuses on improving communication skills for more adaptive and resourceful social interaction. Though the slots are limited, attendees will still have a chance to have fun together with their families because the workshop provides suited activities that all ages can enjoy along the course of the sessions.

Topics To Expect

Surviving adolescence is one of the significant issues to be discussed during the session. The workshop makes parents understand the pros and cons of parenting method that suits every teenager’s needs. Strategies that use punishments and positive reinforcements become emphasized. The creation of dynamic interaction through different approaches such as limitations and open-mindedness is also part of the lesson that parents learn to apply. Also, the fundamental needs of both parent and children are given importance. It helps in developing emotional and mental awareness concerning the unbalance relationship there may be.


Along with the unit issues, the extensive problem with friends’ influence and peer pressure also takes a toll in the discussion. Handling stress, reducing the risk of anxiety, and recovering from depression are also a target of the workshop. The overall conversation may turn out quite exhausting for most parents, but the lessons are all worth it.

Keeping the love, care, and understanding within the family is a priority. Therefore, the need to recognize the underlying strength of each member is essential in sustaining its unit’s development. Since every parenting styles differ from one another, adjustments and cooperation play a significant role in keeping the family firm and healthy.