The Idea Of Parenting

No, there is no breaking even when it comes to bringing a child’s life into the world. Parents can never ask a kid to pay them for all the sacrifices they have made for him. There is no significant price tag for that because a child never asks for that specific debt. But, it does not mean that a kid can do whatever the hell he wants that damages his life. It is not like a kid should feel entitled to his own beliefs just because he feels he is not indebted to his parents.

The Logic Of Parenting


Parenting’s concern is to raise a decent individual to the best of parents’ ability. The main goal for that is to allow the kid to function on his own in society. “For the most part, the parents are on the right track with firm boundaries, negative consequences for poor choices, positive rewards, and looking at the motivation behind the behavior. These elements are essential to intentional parenting yet it is not enough. Instead, the small changes sometimes make the biggest impact.” Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC explains. So regardless of whatever circumstances that lead people to have a kid, these individuals are responsible for helping and taking care of the child no matter what. It will never be an excuse even if people do not have experience with any parenting styles because the whole point of it all can process through learning. Parents can adapt the ways of how to handle a child properly. Yes, there will be some inconsistencies along the way. But it does not mean that the whole parenting thing is impossible to manage.

Sad Reality Of Parenting

Even though people understand that parenting is a choice, some are inconsiderate enough to think only for the benefit of themselves. Some parents believe that their child, when capable, should take care of them because that is how he is supposed to live. Regardless of the situation, some parents think that a child is responsible for providing his parents their needs because they are the ones that gave him life. In some unfortunate instances, some parents take no exemptions when it comes to their child’s life decisions. These people often make their child suffer emotionally and mentally by implying that a child will never have to live on his own because of the responsibilities he needs to cater in the future. As Margaret Bernhart LMHC elaborates, “When a child is sucked into the vortex of a parent’s loneliness this sets the stage for enormous harm.”



The truth is, there is no point to argue about what is right and wrong when it comes to giving back things in return. However, the fact that some parents make a big deal out of wanting their child to feel indebted his whole life is a negative impression. Parents are responsible for their kid’s overall development regardless if the kid understands it or not. It is the parents’ sole obligation to provide for his needs. These include feeding him food, sheltering him, and filling him with love. No kid can ask for his life. Therefore he should not feel guilty for not being able to give back what his parents gave him. However, a child also has his responsibility to care, value, and respect the efforts of his parents. Not because it is his choice, but because he should.


Parenting is not a “give and take” relationship. Parents must understand that the moment they decide to bring a child into the world, it is their full commitment to do their best in everything no matter what. “How parents navigate this difficult phase can make a huge difference in not only the ultimate outcome but in the daily strife that occurs.” Allison Ricciardi, LMHC said.

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