Single Parent, All Good!


The 2018 Parenting Summit was a great way to meet other parents like me who are challenged. I have three kids, and I am a proud single parent. My husband died right after I gave birth to our third child, and we miss him every day. Our eldest child, Kayden, looks for him almost every single day. We lost Kamshad in just a few months before the summit. Can you imagine a 25-year-old little lady like me with three kids in tow and no husband?

I cry every single night of the thought that Kamshad was taken away from me too fast. We have been together since we were ten. I mean, at that age, we were not dating or something like that. We were kids, but then, it was different. I had friends our age at that time, and yet, Kamshad and I preferred to be just us. By 15, we were inseparable.


At 18, Kamshad proposed to me, and I accepted. Our parents were happy for us since the family has long been friends. We had a small beach wedding; no more than 50 people attended since we did not have the funds, but Kamshad said he would take care of me, and I believed him. A year after that, Kayden born. And then, two years after that, it was Karen. Our youngest, Kitten, was taken five months before Kamshad had his accident.

I do not have problems with money. The promise we made our parents was that we would earn enough units so that we could go into business. And we did. Kamshad was the best in his craft, which is sales, and by the time we were twenty-two, he has bought me a house and my car. He even set up our life and variable insurance and other matters. This is the reason why I have money now, and the business is still there. All I wish is that I can take care of our children while doing the business, even without Kamshad by my side. Knowing that there are events like the parenting summit makes sigh with relief. At least, I know there is support somewhere aside from help within the family.


It was refreshing to be there, and I met new people. Andie is a single mom too of twin boys. She is divorced, and the dad is not providing support for the kids since he is “unemployed.” Martha is biologically childless, as she would say, but she and her husband, Bill, recently adopted a baby girl named Maira. They are a lovely couple.

I have now opened myself to God and other people because it was just Kamshad for fifteen years. But he will forever live in our children and me, as we move on with our lives.

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