Therapist’s Guide In Handling A Problematic Child (Parental Stress Management)

It is not easy to be a parent. There are lots of things that you probably know about it but do not entirely understand. Of course, you might not agree with me when I say it can be regretful at times because you would think that I am a bad parent for feeling that way. But admit it. Almost all parents worldwide suffer from stress and anxiety that they somehow wish their lives would have been different without having a child. Thus, ikt is important to learn the proper way of talking to your child about therapy.

But then again, I don’t speak for everybody, and my parenting struggles differ from the rest of the parents. But one thing we all might have in common is the stress of handling a very problematic kid. Before reacting, let me remind you that every child is different. They struggle with emotional and mental health on their own, and not because we are their parents, it does not mean that we know everything about their needs. So going back, before trying to come up with the list of “dos and don’ts,” we first have to identify what a problematic child is.


A problematic child is a child that is very complicated to handle. He possesses negative behaviors that are often causing harm to himself and others. Typically, a problematic child gets exposed to all sorts of negativity, including criminal acts, substance abuse, anxiety, rage, excessive, disruptive talking, and carelessness. Sometimes, he gets disinterested or withdrawn from daily life due to uncertain emotional flatness. Fortunately, there are ways to handle a problematic child; the list is provided below.

Do What Feels Right – As a parent, you have that sense of entitlement towards disciplining your kid. That is normal, and you should practice imposing it as much as possible. Yes, there can be times that your actions and decisions might not go along with other people’s points of view, but who cares? As long as you know you’re doing the things you do for the benefit of your child, these people should pack up and leave your parenting style alone. If, as a parent, you feel that your child needs punishment for his bad behavior, feel free to punish him. Just remember to do what you feel is morally right.


Be Consistent With Rules – Parenting can be a tough job since there are times that you become inconsistent about it. You break your rules, which is not helpful if you constantly alter them in favor of your problematic child. Yes, you might have to adjust for particular reasons. But you need to be careful in the process because your problematic child might use that as an opportunity for ambush. Therefore, it would be best first to develop a rule that you can follow and hold onto.

Try Not To Overreact – Of course, your child would cause a lot of trouble, especially if he’s used to doing it. But before coming up with immediate punishment, try to understand first his behavior and do not overact. Because sometimes, a kid’s behavioral problem does not always come from his eagerness to annoy or upset people. His refusal to follow the rules or question authority is very common too. It might be due to his mental and emotional issues that you might not know. Handling a problematic child in the calmest and most approachable way is vital. Because if not, you might trigger other unwanted behaviors associated with the present ones that are obvious.


Talk To Your Child – You need to talk to your child about what you noticed about him and ensure you understandably deliver the words more calmly. Please spare some time and have a meaningful conversation with your kid because that is the only way to relay your message without complicating the situation and confusing his mind. But be mindful that not because you talked to him, it does not mean he should automatically change. The process still takes time before your kid can finally internalize the list of disadvantages of the problematic behaviors. Thus, you must always guide him and make sure that he progresses positively.

Be Positive About The Good Things – As a parent, you can’t always know what to do, and you don’t always understand the situations. Regardless of the idea that you know your child very well, you might end up stitching mental and emotional solutions altogether for the sake of everyone. But don’t lose hope and be positive about the good things. Your child might be problematic today, but when you shower him with respect, understanding, good moral values, and love, he will eventually make it out better in the world. Always focus on your goal of helping him develop himself.


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