Strict Parents Are More Likely To Raise Successful Children 

Being a parent is a challenging role to play. Often, you doubt yourself if you are doing the right thing to raise your children. You are not sure whether you should be strict or cool. You love your children, and you want them to love you, but sometimes, it is just impossible because there are particular rules that you need to implement which make them hate you. 


If you are one of those parents who are strict and worried that they might be doing parenting wrong, then take a deep breath and relax. You should be praising yourself and tapping yourself on the back because you are more likely to raise responsible and successful children. 
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Parents Make Mistakes Too (There Are No Exemptions)

I know a lot of people will agree with me when I say parents nowadays are full of crap. That because they experienced having kids, they automatically assume they know everything about parenting. Some of them persuade themselves that they are good enough because they thought they learned things the hard way. With that, there is no point in telling them what to do. That is especially when you, yourself, do not have any child. It is as if you have no right to make a comment or suggestion about their parenting styles because you are not qualified to say anything to them. And even if you are right, your words will never mean a thing. These individuals validate their parenting skills because of the circumstance that it is their children, not yours. Continue reading “Parents Make Mistakes Too (There Are No Exemptions)”

How To Know If Your Parenting Style Is Damaging And Weak


Children will always be children. They will act impulsively, behave incoherently, and respond improperly. But that is how they are. These kids are on the verge of learning things without judgment. So for us parents, we have to ensure that we take full responsibility in understanding their thoughts and feelings. With that, we have to set our parenting styles the way it fits the children’s needs. But how can we know if our parenting method appears weak and damaging to our children? Continue reading “How To Know If Your Parenting Style Is Damaging And Weak”